July 08, 2017

The Stunning Sounds of the Grant Park Chorus

There's nothing quite like the unexpected brilliance of an outdoor performance, when music and song soar beyond the concert space and can be heard throughout the city.

And with the Grant Park Chorus, you’ll hear everything from the classics of Broadway to classical masterpieces. You’ll also hear a cappella works when they head away from downtown for two special concerts.

Led by chorus director Christopher Bell, the Grant Park Chorus has been called one of the world’s top symphony choruses by the Chicago Tribune.

And they’re at the top of their game this month with three programs that couldn’t be more different. You’ll see them at the South Shore Cultural Center and Columbus Park Refectory performing Rachmaninov’s Vespers, followed by a weekend of Broadway’s most romantic love songs, capped off by two nights of Frank Martin’s emotional oratorio, In terra pax, written to mark the end of the Second World War.

In terra pax is one of those pieces that the Grant Park Chorus was destined to sing. It shows off the strength, flexibility and versatility of the ensemble,” said Bell. They’ll be joined by five soloists who, together with the chorus, tell the story of the Great War and the return of peace.

The final weekend of the season reunites the orchestra and chorus for one of the best-known works in classical music: Beethoven’s glorious masterpiece, Symphony No. 9, culminating in the famous movement, “Ode to Joy.”

Hear more about what Christopher Bell has to say about his work with the Grant Park Chorus in this exclusive interview with Booth One.